Thank you for having accepted to act as a reviewer at the ESHG 2020.
Deadline for reviewing is Friday, March 6, 2020.

1. How do I score my abstracts online?

After entering the THE REVIEWING SITE, please login with your login and username (to be found in the email sent to you).
Click on “Review Abstracts” on the left side of the page, this will display the first/next abstract to be scored.

The page will display:

  • the control number
  • the title of the abstract
  • the topic of the abstract
  • the keywords (as selected by the author)
  • the presentation preference
  • the abstract text

You will have to select:

  • the Score,
    – 6: Outstanding
    – 5: Excellent
    – 4: Good
    – 3: Average
    – 2: Below average
    – 1: Poor
    – 0: Reject – Extremely weak, duplication of other abstract(s), unethical, wrong meeting
  • Important: Please note that the presentation preference of the submitter (oral or poster) should not be taken into account when scoring. High quality abstracts with preference for poster presentation should be scored with “outstanding” or “excellent” as the score will determine the candidates for the poster awards.
  • In case you wish to abstain from scoring an abstract from your own group, please select “Conflict of Interest” so this will not influence the average score of this paper.
  • In case the abstract was submitted under the wrong topic, you may indicate this in the according text box, in which you may also add an additional comment if applicable.
  • In any case, you will need to enter a score in order for the step to be completed. It will not be sufficient to enter only a comment. This abstract will “re-appear” for reviewing at the end.

Click on “Save and Continue” to access the next paper.

Please note that your input is saved after each abstract. You may quit any time and return to finish reviewing at a later stage.

Access the Reviewing Site
2. How do I download/print my abstracts in order to work offline?

Step 1:

    • Click on “Bulk View Abstracts” in the “Offline Options” on the left of the page.
    • Click on “Include All Abstracts” and the number of abstracts that should be displayed in each group (10-50), finally on “Compose Abstracts” (in the lower part of the page).
    • The next page gives you links to batches of the selected number of abstracts each.
    • Click on “Display 1 to NN” to open the new page, you can then print or “copy/paste” abstracts into a word document. Repeat this step with all further batches.

Experienced users may filter the download using the “Sort Options” as well as the “Abstract range”, but you may just as well ignore these options to get all abstracts in your topic.

Step 2:

    • After reviewing, please return and click on “QuickScore Abstracts“.
    • Click on “Include All Abstracts” and “Search“.
    • The next page displays all assigned abstracts. If you are unsure, you may see the abstract text by clicking on the control number of the respective abstract.
    • Please enter your score for each abstract as indicated above.
    • Click on “Save and Continue” to access the next set of papers.

Please note that your input is saved after each page. You may return and finish scoring at a later stage.

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3. How do I change a score?
  • Click on “QuickScore Abstracts
  • Click on “Include Only Scored Abstracts” and “Search” (both in the lower part of the page).
  • Scroll for the abstract to be changed and enter the new score.
  • If changing only a few scores,  you may enter the control number directly in the text box and then click on “Search”.
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4. Which options or filters can I use?
  • The “Category Filter” will give you the possibility to display only the abstracts of one topic, in case you have been assigned more than one.
  • Clicking on “Review abstracts” will take you to the first/next abstract to be scored.
  • Edit/View Scores” will give you an overview on your scores in tabular format and will allow to enter the abstracts and to edit the score.
  • BulkView/Print Abstracts” allows download of abstract packets and offline reviewing. Scoring can then be made via “QuickScore Abstracts” (see below)
  • QuickScore Abstracts” will display a tabular view of the abstracts and allows scoring of 10 abstracts per page. Mostly used to enter scores after an offline reviewing or to edit scores.
  • Logout” will log you out of the system
  • The “Histogram of your scores” will show you statistics on the number of abstracts and their respective scores.
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5. Where can I get support?
  • For support during the reviewing process, please send an email to or call +43 1 405 13 83 -30 or -13 between 9.00 – 17.00 hrs Central European Time.
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If you have any queries regarding the reviewing process, please contact us: