Live sessions

Live sessions will take place at a specific time set in the programme. During this time attendees will have the possibility to ask questions to the presenters in the session chat. A session moderator will convey the questions to the speakers.

All live sessions will be available on-demand from the next day until 2 weeks after the conference. At this stage the interaction with the speakers will be possible via a messaging system.

Live Sessions

On-demand sessions

On-demand sessions are available from the time of release until 2 weeks after the conference. Interaction with presenters is possible via a messaging system incorporated in the virtual platform.

For the on-demand Educational Sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with speakers during dedicated slots in the programme (“Meet the Educational Session speakers”) on Monday, June 8 and Tuesday, June 9, by accessing the live chat in the respective session.

On-demand Sessions


e-Posters will be available to all attendees at all times, from the start of the virtual conference until 2 weeks after the meeting. The three 45-minutes slots marked “e‑Poster Viewing with the Authors” should be used for communication and interaction with the e-Poster authors, who are requested to be available via chat at these times. Outside of the poster discussion times, the interaction with the authors will be possible via a messaging system.